Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lake Henry

Beautiful Black and White of the boat
Fog coming off the lake, it was truly spectacular to see

Scenic view
Pardon our appearance, we were "roughing it"
Top Row:Uncle Bob, Carolyn, Aunt Cheryl, Adriana, Aunt Tinker
Bottom Row: Sydney, Michael, Tammy, Payton
All that was missing was Lacey~ she was so missed but couldn't get away
her classes are too tought for her to miss out on!
Daddy and Sydney
Goofing around with Aunt Cheryl

Canoeing down the lake
Payton's First Catch (with help from Aunt Cheryl)
Sydney's First Catch
We were treated to an amazing weekend by Michael's family to Lake Henry. It is a beautiful Lake in PA. When Michael and his siblings were younger, they owned a house across the lake and vacationed there all the time. They all remembered their time there so fondly, that a trip for our kids was needed. We had a blast. Great family time. The kids fished, swam (the air was cold, but the water was warm) canoed, row boats, fire pits, smores, baked apples, you name it, they did it. At night when the kiddos all went to bed, we sat by a huge fire (compliments of Uncle Bob-aka Fire Master) and enjoyed some adult time and adult cocktails. We toured around the local town and hit a zoo, I will post separate pictures of that! Special thanks to Uncle Bob, Aunt Tinker and Aunt Cheryl for this special trip. A trip that we will never forget! Can't wait for our next trip! HINT HINT

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