Friday, September 18, 2009

Locks of Love~Part II

After careful consideration (agonizing-painful-heart wrenching) Sydney decided that she was not going to be out done by her sister, so she decided it was time to donate her hair too! This kids are amazing. It was hard enough for me to let go of Payton's beautiful locks, they both have gorgeous hair, now I have two short cuties. It was torture to watch the scissors chop it all off! I held my breath for both of them, but I am thrilled at how adorable they both look. Sydney went for the longer blunt version, with a touch of angel in the front, where as Payton went for the edgier, stacked in the back, longer in the front look. They LOVE the idea that someone is going to benefit from there generosity! My favorite picture is of the 2 pony tails-the contrast in color I love. So look out LOCKS OF LOVE-you've got a lot of hair coming your way!!

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