Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"My Girls" going home....

My heart is breaking as I write this post. My very good friend Angela has been a foster mom for 18 months to these 2 little cuties and they are going home on Friday for good. Let me back up a bit, 18 months ago, Angela received a phone call about 2 little girls: ages 6 weeks and just under 2 who needed emergency care that would last approximately 6 weeks. She couldn't refuse, but being a business owner and single, 6 weeks was going to be a VERY LONG time. Well 6 weeks turned into 12 weeks which turned into 6 months, to....you get the idea. During this time, everyone has gotten so incredibly attached that even though our heads are saying, this is the right choice, reunification with their bio-mom, our hearts are saying otherwise. I have blogged about these girls before and how they have deeply touched my heart, but nothing has prepared me for what is about to happen next. I have had the distinct pleasure of being a huge part of their daily lives, I am just not prepared for how I am going to emotionally handle this. Being an adoptive mom, I know all to well that the chance of someone, someday knocking on my door and asking for "their" child back is a real possibility, but when you foster, they are not yours. For all intensive purposes you care and love them like they are yours, but they are not. I will never become a foster parent.....I have an overwhelming respect for people who can be. My friend says she is prepared.....she knew going into this that they would always go "home" but I worry. I know God has his plan for these girls and my friend and hope and pray that they will survive and endure the next chapter in their long lives.

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Tamara said...

We fosted for years before we adopted our girls from China. The heart break is terrible. Knowing that I made a difference in the lives of the children I cared for- was priceless.
We opted to adopt from China because I needed something to be forever. We may foster again some day.
Praying that your friend finds peace.