Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mt. Snow Vermont

The only picture of Lacey-she and her cousins were hiding out in the downstairs den and barely emerged!
Sydney skiing down the moutain
James playing in snow
Sydney and Emma relaxing in the hot tub-gotta love Sydney's red cheeks!

Jim and Tara (my twin)

Sydney playing in the snow

Jordan in a very rare photo op! She NEVER lets me take pictures of her!

Payton soaking in the tub

Emma and Sydney taking a bubble bath-lots of bubbles

Pretty smiles from the bathing beauties

Our anual ski family weekend was spent this year in Mt. Snow Vermont and we had an absolutely fabulous time! The conditions were amazing and the house was beautiful. My sisters, their kids and my mother and father spent 4 days and 3 nights sking, snow mobiling and sleding in the most beautiful setting possible. Lacey is a great (albeit crazy) skier and just conquered the moutain in a matter of minutes. Sydney has become a confident skier but we did have a crazy "cliff jumping" moment. She was blazzing down the mountain when she hit a hairy turn and poof-off the cliff. It was so scary! One minute she was there, then next gone. My nephew quickly popped out of his skis to her rescue and she got back on her skis and continued down the mountain as if nothing happened. We affectionately called her "CJ" (cliff jumper) for the rest of the weekend! Payton did not ski this year, she stayed back at the house with her Tante Tara, cousing James and my Mom and Dad and was perfectly content to do so. We spent the days skiing, the nights soaking in the hot tub and eating until we were sick! We also went snow mobiling and what a blast that was. We cruised through the mountain and took in some of the most beautiful views. It was snowing and everything was white and quite. All you could hear was the humming from the snow mobile. We all partnered up and I got to share the ride with my Mom! Our tour guide took us across a frozen lake which totally freaked me out. They had gotten rain a few days earlier and the top layer was all slushy and it felt like we were going to go through the ice. I screamed the entire time. I still have no idea how I managed to navigate it being that my eyes were squeezed shut waiting for the end! My mother however fully enjoyed it. It was the perfect weekend. We always look forward to our anual trip and I am already looking forward to next year!

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Melanie said...

Cute pictures!!!! seems like you had a great weekend:)