Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm pathetic!

Payton has wanted to have a sleep over at my sister's house forever but I was not ready to let her go! I kept pushing it off telling her that when she was 4 she could do it and that totally satisfied her. That was until she actually turned 4. Her 4th birthday was on January 10th and has been asking ever since then to have the sleep over. Well Saturday was the big day and she was so excited! I tried to push it off again, but she responded "I am 4 now" and that was that. We packed her bag and off she went. Sydney also slept over, but sleep overs at Tante Tara's is old hat for her. She is a pro. Well the kids were gone for less than an hour and I was immediately ready to go and pick them up. I was pacing the floor and seriously did not know what to do with myself. I called a few dozen times to check in and all was going well. I was lost. I have never been in my house when all of my children were gone. It was horrible for me but wonderful for them. Lacey was out for the night doing dinner and movie with friends so even she was gone too.

A traditional sleep over at Tante Tara's involves "OPA" which is a huge "snack" production prior to bed. "OPA" is from the show on Nickelodeon and the kids love it. On this particular night it included: apple slices, 1 marshmallow, a sprinkle of nerds and a propel water to wash it all down. They had a great night and can't wait to do it again! Hopefully next time I will be!

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Melanie said...

aw! Nice pictures! I guess they had a good time. Oh well I believe it's hard for you to have all the kids away!