Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mom always said there would be days like this.....

Today was one of those days when the girls put on their happy faces and smiled for the camera. Pure joy! They were so funny. I must have snapped 100+ pictures and 1 was better than the next. In previous posts, I have mentioned how difficult it is to capture a *true* picture of Payton. Normally I can get a great smile but she is looking in a different direction, or vice versa but not today...she was great! Every frame she was looking and smiling. Sydney can't take a bad picture. That poor child learned quick how to work the camera. She will just smile and smile until I say its over. She will even give me ideas of how to pose her and Payton. I think there just might be a future in photography for that one. Lacey, my elusive 17 year old was even on board today. She has always been a pain in the butt about pictures. She has the attention span of a nat, after 5 minutes she is outta there. You can also catch a glimpse of Jeffy (top-Payton is on his shoulders), the reason we never see Lacey! Great kids...great day!

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Lisa said...

Those are some great photos!