Sunday, March 25, 2007


Give me back my bike!!!!
Classic pictures. We had a beautiful day here in Jersey and we decided to spend the afternoon at the park. I packed up the girls bikes and off we went. Tante Tara bought Payton the Dora the Explorer hot wheel for her birthday and what a seduction that little bike is. Every child at the park wanted to ride it! Emma and James met us there, but James decided he did not want to take a bike. After watching Payton take a few spins around the track James wanted a turn. Well, Payton who is the world's best sharer, decided that James could take it for a ride. Well these pictures show how James reacted to her wanting her bike back! It was so funny to watch. There is my little pip-squeak trying desperately to get her bike back and James fully not wanting to give it back. James broke down and Payton was unrelenting. Kids....aren't they fun?

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Hodge said...

LOL! Now that is REAL life!!!

Thanks for sharing!!