Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update on my girl

We are finally home from the hospital.  It has been rough, but she is definitely on the mend.  We will follow up with the infectious disease doctor, her pediatrician and A LOT of follow up blood work will need to be done to monitor her spleen and liver which are enlarged. She also has to get her lymph nodes monitored to ensure that they go back to normal. The care that she received at the hospital was amazing.  She has a LONG road to recovery, but she is on her way!  Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes!  Uncle JK sent the most adorable flower arrangement, but after being in the hospital, it really did not make it for pictures.  Thank you Uncle JK

Thanks Aunt Cheryl-love it!  You can't really read the mug, but it says "Get well eat vegetable soup"
A collection from all the neighbors-great way to come home!!!  Thank you!
Getting used to getting around with her IV and starting to feel better
 Not a very happy camper-this was day one in the hospital and she was miserable!


Chris said...

Oh my...your poor baby!!!

I am happy that she is feeling better and on the mend!

I will keep her in my prayers!!!

Tina Michelle said...

oh sweet girl. Glad she is home and doing better. That must have been kind of scary for her in the hospital. I hope things quickly resolve and she needs less blood work!