Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot~6 girls plus 2 guys

Let me first introduce you to THE guys...

Mr. Kid Rock
And Mr. Jon Bon Jovi-need I say more?
Now the girls~
From Left to Right
Top Row-Tracy and Lisa
Bottom Row-CL, Tara, Me and Lisa D.
Another shot of the girls
The best sister ever...Tara and I
You can't be a Jersey Girl and NOT love
Bon Jovi?!?!?!

You can however be a Jersey girl and NOT like the reality show Jersey Shore!

There is no fist pumping going on here-nor is that show a true depiction of what it is like to live here!

This year was a biggie for us gals-we all turned 40!  So to celebrate, we treated ourselves to a girls night out to see our guys and what an amazing night it turned out to be.  The show was great, the company better and the guys-well lets just say time has been very kind-very kind. 

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Ni Hao Y'all


Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow - kinda trying hard not to be jealous ;) Would have loved to have gone to the show - though not sure I could have rocked the straw hats like your ladies did - hot!

Jen said...

What a fun time... and I HAVE to say... I pray to god I look half that good at 40! Hot Hot Hot! (and for the one really believes people from NJ act like that!)

Daisy Dreams said...

You ladies all look fabulous!!! I can remember, like it was yesterday, seeing Bon Jovi in college. My girlfriends and I camped out for those tickets :)

Chris said...

Wow! I love Bon Jovi!!!

What a great idea!!!

BTW, y'all look fabulous!!!


zentmrs said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Thanks for sharing!!