Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Sydney

I'm not gonna lie, these are old pictures-these are NOT Sydney's birthday pictures. I posted a while ago about my camera and how frustrated I was.....well my camera is at it again and I unfortunately was not able to capture any un-fuzzy pictures on her special day. But I digress.....Sydney is 9! I can't believe it. Next year we hit the "double digits" It is amazing how quickly time passes. She is an absolutely amazing child. She is smart, funny (super funny), confident and uber lovey. She still climbs on my lap and cuddles everyday. She still lets me pick her up and carry her around for the big squeezes. She is her father in soooo many ways, but her personality is all her own. She is FUNNY-she comes out with things that make your stomach hurt. We call them Sydneyisms...a journal of all the outrageous things she says. She is a good friend. She is sweet down to the bone. She is always considerate of other peoples feelings and always is there to help out a friend. She loves her sisters fiercely...but her little sister can drive her crazy! PERSONAL SPACE issues if you know what I mean. At the end of the day, she knows how much Payton admires her and she loves it. She loves being her role model. She is also so confident for only being 9. She is her own little character and she doesn't care what people think even when doing the goofiest of things-like tap dancing in the middle of the street or singing completely off key. She just knows how to have fun. She is also an "old soul" and can hang with the grown ups whenever possible. Sometimes I have to remind her to be a kid.....there will be plenty of time to grow up! We are so blessed to be her parents. She makes us proud EVERYDAY. Happy Birthday Sydney!

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