Friday, February 05, 2010


I am totally hating my Canon Rebel XT right now! I LOVE to take pictures and when my kids see the camera coming out, they usually have something negative to say about it. Why can't they just suck it up? Memories people-memories. They just don't get it. Anyway, back to topic: I have a Canon Rebel XT, and up until recently, have had no problems with it. Just before the holidays I was getting random error messages regarding my flash (I have a auto pop up and a removable, super heavy and annoying flash) that WILL NOT pop up anymore. Ok, so that isn't so horrible, just an extra step (while trying desperately to capture the oh-so precious shot before my adorable children run for cover or in this case, run and make a note that says "NO". again....adorable...NOT! Now, the error is "99". My lens and it's partner connectors just don't like each other and will NOT connect. So I google and find out that a standard pencil eraser could solve all of my problems! yeah. So I whip out an eraser and get to work. Well it worked!!!!!!!!!! For 5 seconds! Argh. I am so frustrated. all my camera using, picture takin friends, I ask you....what do you use to shoot?


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Pilosopong Noypi said...

yah! i also experience that one. As a photography enthusiasts, people will hide when they see my came staring at them.. i really hate that kind of people.< even I do will do the same as they did. hehehehehehe>

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