Friday, February 19, 2010

After, not before

In our house, every room is multi-purpose! Here for example is Michael's new office-which was my old laundry room. Clearly my laundry room was not worthy of a before picture, but definitely worthy of an after. It is not quite finished yet. It still needs tape, Spackle and paint, but with him starting his new job this week, we were limited with what we could actually accomplish in one weekend!
Here is the bookshelf that was the in the kids playroom-already loaded with tons o' stuff, that was previously loaded with tons o' kids toys, which made for a great reason to clean house on all the toys that haven't been touched in forever!
Here is the map that covers the fuse box....functional and practical when your territory is the United States!

And here is my new laundry SPACE! Can you tell that I wasn't as excited about giving up my laundry room? It is functional and works so far. Michael built out a wall and fit it into the corner of the girls playroom which works out really well. And when I am not doing laundry, it looks like....

I love this curtain and only spending a few dollars-shower curtain rod $9.99, hooks, $12.00 and curtain for a bargain price of $19.99, it works!

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