Monday, March 22, 2010

One way ticket to heaven

This is the quote from my beloved Sydney!

Not to brag-but I have some super smart kiddos! Our school district does inclusion so some of her classmates require a personal resource teacher. Sydney was asked in the beginning of school if she would help out one of the resource teachers to help her with a child, "D". She gladly took on the job, but today she kinda groaned and moaned about it.

Here is a breakdown on how it went down:

Sydney: "You know how I always have to help the resource teacher Mrs. "B" with "D"?"

Mom: "Yes, why?"

Sydney: "Well, it is starting to get annoying. I am the only one that has to help him. It is not that I don't like helping him (bless her heart) but today, I had to write a thousand word paragraph (slight exaggeration) twice. Once for me, and another for "D"!"

Mom: "You wrote his paragraph?"

Sydney: "Well no, I just had to copy notes off the board"

Mom: "Did you tell Mrs. "B" that you felt is was a lot of extra work for you to do?"

Sydney: "And ruin my one way ticket to heaven?" Heck no!

Gotta love her!

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