Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Y'all

I have wanted to participate in the Sunday Snapshot for weeks, but alas I have been a blog slacker! Which is not the first time I have slacked on my blogger responsibilities.....

So this week my first Sunday Snapshot will focus on BRACES!

Sydney is perfect in every way, EXCEPT her teeth! They are a crowed mess to put it mildly. These photos don't even capture the true experience of how bad her teeth are! So the orthodontist has recommended a palate expander on her top and bottom teeth, braces on her front 3 teeth, and eventually when her front tooth in the back has enough room another brace on that one. It will be PHASE I of her orthodontic work! It will take about a year. Her front teeth should aline within a month or two which she is thrilled about. She is only 8, and although early for braces it is necessary. The teasing has already begun and the ortho said if we did not do it now, Mr. Sharky (the one in the waaaayyy back) would never move forward. So in a few short weeks, Sydney will start her very long journey to PERFECT TEETH!!
But I have to admit, even with the mess that her teeth are.....her smile never fails to melt my heart! She smiles not only with her mouth but with her eyes too! A straight shot to my soul! LOVE YOU SYD, crocked smile and all!


Stefanie said...

Oh she DOES have such a beautiful smile... crooked teeth and all :)
Can't imagine how lovely it will be once all the orthodontics are finished!!
Glad you finally joined in this Sunday :)

3 Peanuts said...

She has THE CUTEST smile ever. I love the joy in her eyes too:)

Chris said...

You're right about that smile...
just precious!!!!