Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My confession

I admit it

I am a fan of......


Just to clarify, not the show per se, but this particular season. I have watched the show before, but not with this kind of obsession! I am admitidly.addicted.to.this.show! To the point where kids MUST be in bed and a sleep by 8:30, clothes picked out for the next day, lunches and snacks made, dishes in the dishwasher, house made somewhat tidy and me planted on the couch!
Pathetic I know...but what is a girl to do?
Or in this case....what will Jake do?????


She is super.uber.annoyingly sweet....too sweet.

She is waaaay young, and a*b*c did a great job of producing/editing the show to make her out to be the girl everyone hated-myself included.
I am not on team Vienna!

Then there is Ali?
She would have been my choice, but alas she decided she could not stay and picked her career over love.
So if you dare.....and are willing to come out of hiding and admit to your addiction, tell me your thoughts. It just takes a few words:
My name is ___________ and I admit it, I am addicted to The Bachelor

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