Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is this possible?

Payton can wear Build a Bear clothing! She was in the play room playing with her build a bear when out she comes informing us that she fits in the same clothing as her build a bear! She has NO butt and a tiny little waist. She is still my little peanut-weighing in at just 31 lbs! She may be small in size, but she is BIG on personality! (read-strong willed, VERY strong willed)


Charlotte said...

Raeghan's got her beat by one lb !

Charlotte and crew

Kay Bratt said...

I came to your blog to look at your design-- (which I like) but then I peeked around. You have a beautiful family. We have a few things in common.

1. One of my daughters just started college
2. I have a twin
3. She recently found a lump in her neck (no news yet)
4. My mom had thyroid cancer

Anyway--your blog is nice and just wanted to say HI.


Lisa said...

Payton is so pretty. Her and Ana Claire sound alot alike.
Ana Claire can do the samething. She doesn't have a butt either. She is still a peanut too. She weighs 29 pounds. We keep waiting for the scales to say 30 pounds. ;)She is tall and thin. I will have to take pictures of Ana Claire. ;)

Donna said...

Add me to the list of your blog fans with tiny kiddos! My Maddy (born 7/04) still weighs under 30 pounds. She wears size 9 month infant pants which fit her perfectly as capris!

Tiny but Mighty!



Jennifer said...

Geeze I guess Lela is a fatty at 31 pounds - but then she's now 42", also a member of the no-butt club. She's still wearing a few 12M & 18M shorts, haven't tried the build a bears.
PS I think we have the same cat - mine is called BigEyes, named by the feral rescue guy, not Moi.