Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are making some minor changes in our house! Well, that is how it was presented to me by my loving husband. It was supposed to just be taking a small wall down and open up the kitchen to the great room, what it has turned into is major construction. When it is all done, I will love it, but right now I am living in dust and dirt everywhere! Here are some pictures of "our work in progress"

This is really just a joke, this was my brother in law Bobby "helping" with the wall removal! Gotta love the old "faux" brick that was under the sheet rock!
Here are the kids trying to pull up the nails in the floor. They were in there so good that it took all of them to get the nail out!


Anonymous said...

Tammy, thanks for wishing Makena "Happy Birthday." I read part of your blog and loved it. Payton is beautiful and so is the rest of your family.

Rebecca said...

Ooooh. We know how that goes... the mess is hard to deal with! But well worth it, I'm sure, for the end result! The kids are too cute pulling up the nails. :)


Tish said...

beautiful family! beautiful blog!

Dianne said...

Way to get everyones help, too cute. Love your blog. You've been tagged.