Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday Recap

We celebrated Payton's 4th Birthday very low key this year with just our family over for dinner and cake. We were planning on doing a gymnastic party, but Payton has been so sick for so long, that we decided it was best to stay home. Having immune deficiency, she is susceptible to everything! Poor kid has been on 5 daily medications for over a week now (she normally "only" takes 3 daily medications) and she just needs a break. So this week we will start a new battery of tests and possible solutions to help the symptoms. She goes back to the immunologist and then we are going to start exploring acupuncture and chiropractic medicine. She is such a trooper, going to the doctor and getting poked and prodded it second nature to her. She just goes with it! Keep her in your thoughts and prayers-she could really use them!


Charlotte said...

Beautiful picture of a beautiful Shaoguan girl !

Charlotte, Raeghan, Riley and Rachael !

Melanie said...

oh!! happy birthday to her!!! Its long since I was here, I remember to come and to my surprise Payton turned 4! Hope you had a great time!!