Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Bad brows, very common"

This was the statement that my sister Tara's manicurist said to her about Payton's eyebrows! I think it is so funny because I have to admit, her brows are a little crazy. Her manicurist is so sweet and was very genuine when she made this statement. She is Chinese but was raised in Taiwan so when she heard that we had adopted Patyon she was so curious about it and asked my sister to bring into the shop. My sister Tara will brag about my girls whenever she can so naturally she couldn't wait to bring her in. When she finally met Payton she absolutely feel in love with her. She said, "When she gets older, maybe when she is fifteen, bring her in and we will fix her eyebrows, Bad brows, very common". One of those funny comments that I had to share!

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Lisa said...

You have me laughing. Ana Claire has some crazy brows too. She has the wild hairs on the tops of her lids too. I hope AC doesn't grow a unibrow before she is old enough to get something done.