Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

You have to click on this collage. The upper left photo is classic. The little girl behind Sydney has not only 1 finger up her nose, but both! Classic. The picutre on the right is her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Hannam who she adores. She is having such a great time in 1st grade!

Top Row: Lacey and Me, Tom Turkey Centerpiece, Michael and Me

Bottoms Row: The "old" girls and moms, the "little" girls and moms, James and Lacey-goofy cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney jumping from the swing into a huge pile of leaves. Click to enlarge!


Melanie said...

wow! I hadn't seen the updates!!! Soo many updates!!! First they seem to have a so fun time in halloween!!! Seeecond, Happy Birthday to Lacey!!!!! and Congrats to her too!!!
and last but not for that least...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Charlotte said...


Looks like it was alot of fun ! Hope we all get to meet up next year at the CHI picnic ! Mark your calendar now !