Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!

We heard today that Lacey as been accepted to High Point University class of 2012!!!!!!!!!!! She is so excited. It is her 1st choice college. It is an amazing school, our visit to campus was what made Lacey just fall in love with it. She is planning on majoring in Biology with a minor in animal science. Now the stress of scholarship applications begins! Lots of good things happening for Lacey right now. She deserves it-she is a great kid and we couldn't be an happier for her. I of course and filled with a ton of different feelings, excited/scared/happy/sad/nervous/anxious/thrilled-but mostly I am going to miss my baby girl!!!!!!!! She will do great, but I am going to be a mess.


Beverly said...

Congrats on first choice.
Good luck on the scholarship piece.


Charlotte said...

Lacey !

Thw Weddle's in Arkansas are so proud of you !


Stefanie said...

Yea, Lacey! That has to be a big weight off of everyone's shoulders :) And you're right, you ARE going to be a mess! I still tear up thinking about my daughter being away at school, and she's only 1 1/2 hours away!
Congratulations and best wishes on those scholarships!!

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