Saturday, August 04, 2007


Friends of ours gave us a trampoline and the kids can't get enough of it. They have been on it 24/7. It is so fun to watch them jump and bounce. I was dead set against taking it, I really didn't think we had the space for it, and you always hear about the injuries, etc. It is really a nice trampoline and it has the safety sides to it and padding on the outside. We put out a new rule that only one kid can jump at a time (after I took the pictures above) so we can avoid any injuries. I am so glad they convinced us to take it. The kids couldn't be happier with it.
Thanks to the Callahans!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

I had one when I was a kid and I knew mine would have to have one. We have been lucky not to have had any serious injuries on it.
Great entertainment and great exercise!