Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pets-FFFF Challenge

This week's challenge over at Double Happiness is Pets. We have had several pets over the years of all shapes and sizes but our true blue pets are Champ and Puss Puss. Champ was our Shetland Sheepdog who was the world's best dog! You couldn't ask for a better dog. We had him for 12 years before he got sick. Our cat, Puss Puss we got for Lacey's 8th graduation. She has ALWAYS wanted a cat but her Daddy did NOT! She is now almost 4 and HATES Payton. She attacks her constantly. It is funny because Payton just goes back for more. I have posted about these attacks before....they are not pretty!

Sydney and Champ kissing! Click on picture to enlarge. Champ's tongue is actually out! Perfect timing taking this shot! (photo taken by Aunt Cheryl)

This is just couple of cute shots of the cat attacking Payton. The top picture is right before the cat bit her in the neck! The bottom was of them actually play fighting until Puss Puss was done playing and it got serious!

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