Sunday, April 15, 2007

College Tours

I can't believe we are already looking at colleges! Where does the time go?

Lacey and I headed out on a road trip and visited 4 colleges. 3 days, 1500 miles and a Mom that really isn't ready to deal with the aspect of college. We started out at Loyola University in MD. We had the most annoying tour guide imaginable which could have crushed any chances of Lacey attending this university. I can still hear her voice in my head! Awful...just awful. The campus was beautiful but not what Lacey was looking for. She knew it immediately.

We headed down to NC for our next 2 colleges, Elon and High Point Universities. First of all, there is definitely something to be said for southern hospitality! We arrived for our tour at Elon at 9:00am and we received such a welcome. Happy faces and pleasant exchanges. If you have never seen Elon University, you must. It is one of the most beautiful campuses you will ever see. It was rated one of the most beautiful campuses by Princeton Review. Gorgeous. Lacey was leery at first because of the distance from home (about 8+ hours) but immediately feel in love. It was perfect. I could totally see Lacey there. We both felt at home. After our tour, we were both speechless. We had found her college....or so we thought.

We headed to High Point University with almost a negative attitude. Why look at other colleges when we found THE ONE? We arrived to find a reserved parking space especially for Lacey, nice touch. We were told to meet at the Admissions building for our tour where we were once again greeted with the most amazing hospitality. We headed out on our private tour with Ivan, a sophomore with a brillant future! The campus is small, just about 3,000 undergraduate students. Exactly what Lacey was looking for. The housing was spectacular. Private 2-3 bedroom apartments even for freshman. Lacey was in heaven. It was spectacular. The campus was beautiful with all the little extras Lacey was looking for. Free laundry, free parking, and a bunch of little stuff that make a big impression! Was this the one?

We ended our college tour at the University of Delaware. Too big. Lacey was freaked out immediately. She liked it because it had so much to offer, but too big. After 3 days in the car, driving for HOURS and HOURS, we think that High Point is the college of least until our next round of college tours!

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Lisa said...

Any chance you are going to move to the south? I was hoping you would come and check out Auburn.
Glad she found the perfect place for her.