Friday, March 30, 2007

Easter Bunny

I am so glad that Donna over at Double Happiness decided to do an Easter Bunny FFFF Challenge. I LOVE this picture. I still look at this picture and laugh. At first glance it seems like your typical innocent Easter Bunny picture. Sydney has her picture perfect smile and Payton has the leary, get me off of this bunny immediately face. Typical right? LOOK AGAIN! Before you scroll down and look at the pictures, take a good look at the second picture. Tell me what you see?

(click on this picture to enlarge)
Can you see who is INSIDE Mr. Easter Bunny?
So now every time I look at Easter Bunny pictures I look to see WHO the Easter Bunny really is!


And babies make four! said...

That is absolutely hilarious!

Lisa said...

Payton looks scared to death.
I see someone's nose peeking through the bunny's mouth. Anyone we know?