Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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We have a really nice aquarium close by our house, but ironically we don't visit often. We decided to take the girls the other day and we had so much fun! It is small, but they have a lot of stuff to do. They have a petting station where you can pet starfish, baby tiger sharks & horseshoe crabs. Both girls were not interested in petting ANYTHING, but when they saw other children doing it, they got brave and both girls touched the starfish. When it came time to pet the shark, Sydney was scared, but they hold just the tail out to pet so she did it. When Payton went to touch it, it jumped out of the handlers hand and made a big splash! Payton decided it was not something she wanted to pet after that. Then we got to watch them feed the penguins and the seals. They just got a new turtle too! The girls just ran from tank to tank in absolute amazement! It has a nautical feel to it and the kids got to walk over a little bridge and a ship decorated with lights and such. Under the bridge they have all kinds of fish in it. The coi were so big. The alligators were on the end and the kids were very glad they couldn't get to close.


Lisa said...

Love the photos. Thank you for showing me how to spruce up my photos.

Sophie's Mom said...

Enjoying your website- wanted to stop and say "hi!"
Christine, Maine

Tammy said...
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