Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Best Friends}

 These girls are the very BEST of friends.....
 And cousins.....
 Which is kinda cool
 And sometimes very reminiscent of  my sister and I
 They are goofy
 And silly
Just like my sister and I

10 years ago, my twin sister and BEST friend Tara found out she was pregnant-her first.  Everyone was elated.  Thrilled.  All but me....sad but true.  I was happy for her of course, but sad for me because deep down inside I wanted it to be me!  We had been struggling with fertility issues for years with no success.  She was on her honeymoon and poof-pregnant.  Some divine intervention must have been in place, because 2 weeks to the day she sprung her news, something amazing happened....I too was pregnant!  We couldn't believe it.  My first reaction was fear.  Fear that I was going to somehow take away from this amazing time for her.  Instead-she and her husband embraced it, couldn't wait to share in this exciting journey-together!  Then we found out we were both having girls....GIRLS-together....oh the plans we started to make.  The same outfits they would wear, the bows in their hair, the gift of being able to conquer all the woes of parenting.   It was great...perfect.  Our only fear was....would they love the idea of it as much as we did?  The answer-YES YES YES.  They are the best of friends and the worse of enemies.  They are in fact-my sister and I. 

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Ni Hao Y'all


Tina Michelle said...

What an awesome thing to be pregnant and sharing that wonderful journey with your own twin sister! Oh how lovely that would be. My kids are going to be so old by the time my twin sis finally has kids.

Daisy Dreams said...

What a blessing that they are so close! It's wonderful to watch that relationship, I'm sure!

Stefanie said...

VERY cool!! How amazing!! And even more amazing that they love each other so much :)
Adorable pictures... they do look like they could almost be sisters!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I am so glad that you guys are so close (in proximity) that the girls have the chance to be best friends like you & your sister! Beautiful girls!

zentmrs said...

Darling girls! And how wonderful that they are able to have this relationship. Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

Oh the beauty of a cousin relationship! What a cool story!

Razzle My Dazzle Designs said...

Beautiful girls!
Come by & check out my blog sometime @!

Michelle said...

I got goosebumps reading this - such a beautiful story! And you & Tara have beautiful little girls! :)

boshi said...

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