Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {A Hot Commodity}

Our Family is busy

Who's isn't?

We are the perpetual Host and Hostess
of our neighborhood
(which means....there is constantly a slue of
parents and kids at our home-sometimes it is a good thing, other times it is just plain overwhelming!)

We are normally running around like
chickens with our heads cut off from
one activity to the next

Summer brings a whole different
set of rules....

Bedtime routine-out the window

Dinner time
 lets just say our grill is working overtime

One-on-One time becomes a hot commodity
but a priority none the less

Our goal is to have a "date" with each of kids

This particular date was with Sydney
Her choice-"A spa day please"

So it was off to the local nail joint

She choose a neon green with a flower design

Of all my girls, she is the girliest

She loves dresses, getting her hair done and NAIL POLISH

She is dying for a pair of high heels~clickity clacks is what we call em'
(Ya know, so when she walks they go
click-clack, click-clack)

Truthfully I would have gotten them for her, but coordination just ain't her thing!

She will get down and dirty

She is an excellent crabber

She can fish with the best of em'

She is the goalie on her soccer team

but she is most comfortable when
singing and dancing

She can't help herself

It is who she is

A true girly girl
So we were off, for a half hour moment if you will of pampering.  I opted for the standard french pedi.  Nothing too fancy.
Nothing better than some one one one with your girly girl, a massage chair and some good conversation.

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Ni Hao Y'all

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Tina Michelle said...

how cute! I love the bright green. Finding time with each child is hard and I think it is amazing that you are working so hard on that.

Nikola Kežić said...

Nice blog. Nice regards from Croatia!

Nancy said...

Oh this is sweet! I love the bustle of summer with all it's flexible rules. Thx for sharing!

Annie said...

LOVE those toes:):) Sounds like a wonderful day. I can't wait for my girls to be old enough for a spa day! Hehe!!

Stefanie said...

What a great way to get away together for a little one on one time!!
And your toes? Look GREAT :) BONUS!!

Michelle said...

I adore You and your family Blog!! :)
Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

beautiful that color really looks good on her