Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look who's SIX!!!!

It is the day that Payton has been looking forward to since she turned 5!! She has always wanted to be older than she is! It all started when she was 3 and wanted desperately to have a sleep over at my sister's house. I wasn't ready for her to sleep out so I told her when she turned 4 she could. Well...when she 4 she got the sleepover and started wishing that she could go to kindergarten. I told her when she turned 5 she could. When she was 5, she wanted to be 6 so she could be "big" and can do EVERYTHING by herself.
It is how she rolls.......until she is old like her mother and realizes it is never good to want to be older than you are......with age comes wisdom!~
So now I am just waiting for her to request to be 7. I can't imagine what she will come up with !


Tamara said...

Hey- I want to be 6 too!
She is beautiful! I'm not ready for my girls to be 5- but I still cry when my 16 year old starts a new year of school.

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