Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forever Family Day~4 years later

I am absolutely amazed that Payton can still "wear" these clothes. When you look at the picture when she was first placed in my arms, the clothes don't look all that big, but now, 4 years later she can still put them on. The pants are WAY too short for her VERY long legs, and the shirt is WAY too short in the arms but they still fit! Unbelievable. We feel blessed everyday to have this precious, precocious little girl in our lives. She is a tiny little firecracker that makes everyday interesting! Wishing all of our travel mates a wonderful Forever Family Day!

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Donna said...

Happy anniversary! I love the way you set up these photos. It's such a fun way to see just how much she's changed. Gosh, she's such a cutie! All your girls are beautiful!

We're celebrating our 4th Gotchaversary in September of this year. Time flies, huh!

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