Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Shaoguan Girls!

It is hard to believe that our girls are 4! All these little cuties are from the same SWI as Payton! Happy 4th Birthday girls!!!!!!!!!

Lily turned 4 on December 5th

(I do have updated pictures of her but they are not scanned into my computer!)

Elizabeth turned 4 on November 15th

Rachel B. turned 4 on January 5th

Steffnaie M. turned 4 on December 31st

Raeghan W. turns 4 on January 21st

Lela P. turned 4 today!!!!!!
**Missing picture of Elizabeth G. who turned 4 on August


Charlotte said...

Happy 4th to all the Shaoguan girls !

Charlotte, mom to Raeghan W.

missy said...

These are beautiful, beautiful little girls. You are all so blessed!