Monday, September 03, 2007

Curls Curls and My Girls

How cute are they? Sydney thinks Lacey is the COOLEST person on the planet most days, and she loves Lacey's curly hair. Lacey usually blows her hair out straight, but during the summer with the humidity, she wears it curly. Sydney has straight hair, I mean straight hair. It will only hold a curl for 6 seconds. After Sydney got her hair cut the other day, she got her hair done in french braids and it looked so cute. When we took them out the following day, her hair looked curly! She was so excited. She ran right into Lacey's room to show her, and Lacey did her hair to match hers. They looked so cute and Sydney was so excited. Just look at her face in the picture!

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Lisa said...

Very cute photo! Love their hair. I wish mine was that pretty!