Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just curious??

Does everyone think that they have the most beautiful children in the world? When I look at my kids, my heart just melts. Payton IS beautiful no question, but I rarely capture her beauty on camera. She is always looking the wrong way or her smile is strained. It's weird because I don't have one picture of her that truly captures how I see her. Maybe I never will, maybe it is something that I see with my heart only. Who knows, but I will keep trying. Here is my attempt for today. The little girls were playing in the front yard and picking tiger lilly's. When they started putting them in their hair I grabbed my camera. Adorable.


Beckyb said...

Great pictures!!! She is beautiful!!

Lisa said...

Payton is beautiful! I think we all think our children are beautiful. I agree it is hard to capture their beauty on camera.

Donna said...

Too beautiful for words!