Friday, June 01, 2007


Donna's FFFF Challenge this week is Strollers

We have several different strollers, all of which are rarely used anymore. Sydney, now 6, is too big for a stroller so naturally that means Payton thinks she is too big for strollers!!!!! I currently own 4 strollers. The sit-n-stand (super heavy and only used when we go to the mall) is my least favorite. I have a single jogger which is NEVER used because, well it's a single and how often do I get to run, walk or jog with just 1 kid? The other 2 are just your plain old single strollers. All of them are currently in the garage collecting dust.


tegdirb92 said...

I love the B & W picture!! The sit n stand is my favorite :) Have a great weekend. said...

I would just love to find a "twin" stroller that I can get through a door. I'm not interested in the tandem as too long..

I love your family fotos.


Charlotte said...

What ever happened to the ugly one you bought at the WS ? I guess if I counted mine from GZ, it would be 4 strollers ! I love my double the best, but it is hard to manuever anywhere !