Friday, March 16, 2007


This week's challenge over at Double Happiness is "Feet". This picture is of Sydney (left) and Payton. Lacey would not participate in this week's challenge because she HATES her feet. She has large feet (size 11). Sydney has smallish feet (size 9-10 at almost 6) and Payton has big feet too (size 8 at age 3). Payton was 12 months at adoption and had the smallest feet. When I took her to Stride Rite for her first shoes, her foot was a size 2! Within a month, her first set of walkers were already too small. Within 6 months she was up to a size 6! It was crazy to see how much her foot grew in such a small amount of time!

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John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

My ....what a beautful family you have !
Great blog. I'll be sure to visit again soon ...