Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sleeping Beauties-FFFF Challenge

The challenge this week from Double Happiness: Sleeping Beauties! Here are my favorites....Enjoy!

After a long day by the pool, I could barely get the pull up on and she was out! She was 30 months old.

Payton-first night in China-12 months old

This one was from almost 3 years ago. Sydney just got her "BIG GIRL" bed and she wanted to try it out. She wasn't even really sleeping! She just had to pretend to see if it would work! She was about 2 1/2.


The funny thing about this challenge is out of my 3 girls, Sydney and Payton BOTH gave up their naps by 18 months. They would randomly "pass out" like the photo of Payton above, but would not take regular naps after 18 months. Argh! I tried to fight it, but it was just not worth it. They just decided to sleep 12-14 hours at night which worked for me!

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