Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ice Skating

Lacey did not skate, but she had fun running on the ice!

Payton spent alot of time like this!

Sydney always ready with a smile

Slow but steady

Taking a minute to pose with Mom

Today we went to my twin sister's house and went ice skating. She lives on the water and the lagoon was frozen! Yeah! We had a totally blast. Patyon did not end up really liking skating, but she hung in there. She spend most of the day on her butt! She did not care. She still fun. Sydney loved it. She was slow and steady. Lacey did not skate, but that did not stop her from having fun on the ice! I haven't been on skates in a couple of years and I did ok. I did have one big fall that knocked the wind right out of me. I got too comfortable and I went right down! Too funny! Everyone had a good laugh at my expense. I was trying to "cross over" to turn and it turned into a bad toe pick into the ice and it was all over after that! I am sure I will feel it tomorrow! All in all it was a great day.


Lisa said...

What fun! Clay loves to ice skate. We have to go to the ice rink to do it here. Skating outside like that looks like alot of fun.
I have never tried to get AC on skates. maybe I will have to try.
Happy CNY!

Anonymous said...

Tami, Tara just told me how to post a comment, so get ready