Friday, January 19, 2007


Sydney has hit some serious milestones this week! First, she can READ! She has been "trying" for the past couple of months, and she has done really well, but now she can truly read. It is definately in the "Dick and Jane" stage (remember them?) but she can READ!!

She also lost her first tooth! It has been a "wiggler" for a couple of weeks now, but today, Dad felt it and it was ready. So, with a swift flick of his finger, her first toot is gone! Her cousing Emma has lost a gazillion teeth and being a competive kid, she couldn't wait to start loosing some of her own!

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Lisa said...

Way to go Sydney! Reading can take you anywhere! I remember the Sick and Jane books. LOL
Wonder when the tooth next to it will fall out. It is usually soon behind!