Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The dollhouse and strep throat!!!!!!!!

Sydney has strep throat and we have been stuck home for a few days. Normally this could be potentially tragic-(the girls tend to get on one anothers nerves pretty quick), but thanks to a the wonderful gift Tante Tara got the girls for Chrsitmas, we are saved. This dollhouse is the greatest! It is big enough for the both of them to play with and sturdy enough for even the toughest of kids like Payton.

We are also grateful for our *new* playroom. Moving bedrooms around to accomodate a playroom could be the BEST thing we ever did. Sydney and Payton now share a room (which Payton couldn't be happier with-I will post pictures later), Lacey is in Payton's old room, and now Lacey's room is the playroom!!!!!!!! Did you follow that?????? Net-Net....we now have our living room back and at the end of what can be a VERY long day, I can close the door and leave the mess for another day.
It is really the small things in life that make me the happiest!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

How wonderful! We need a playroom too!